Dell 1545 motherboard cable connectors

Hello, I took a 1545 apart to swap out the touchpad and buttons.
While disconnecting cables, the little black push down latch that connects the power cable to the motherboard came off.
I have been trying to attach it back with no luck for about 90 minutes. Does anyone have a clue how to attach this to the connector so I can secure the cable once more?
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    uhhhh, dell support might?

    maybe if there were some pics to go by, but ur info is about as vague as me saying the thing at the place isn't working
  2. Yes, those pieces don't usually "come off", they break :/. Pics may help but it may just be broken, I guess you could try super glue or something but I wouldn't, or you could try rigging it up with electrical tape so the cable stays in, but again, I would probably not. Just depends whether you come to the conclusion it is bricked/not worth the repair cost, then it may be worth a shot.

    As a side note, once I determine any piece of hardware (printer, laptop, etc..) is out of warranty and not worth the cost of professional repair, I find it does not hurt to try and repair myself, as long as your careful, you gotta watch out for things like capacitors in high power electronics, like PSU's, which can give you a nasty and even fatal shock. As an example, my co-worker fixed a out of warranty laptop simply by trying a replacement CMOS battery which was 3 bucks and saved a rather expensive (at its time) laptop.
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