LG E2350 Power Save Issue

So I just recently bought a Radeon 7970, and hooked up 3 monitors to it... I am not running Eyefinity... as a lot of games I play do not support it... to the problem... about 2 weeks ago my 2nd monitor which is an LG E2350 keeps going into power save mode... I have switched the ports and the cable's and it keeps doing it.. Sometimes It will stay on if I can get it to stay on for more than 5 minutes... but it turns into a whole hassle of disabling and detecting it via CCC and sometimes pulling and putting the cable back into the card... Its only this monitor... the other 2 never turn off.

UPDATE: I have switched the connections to different ports and it seems to be the mini display ports are causing screens to turn off.... I dont know if ports went bad? is it possible for 2 out of the 4 ports to go bad on the back of a card? Is it a power issue?
any help would be awesome.

im using 1000 watt power supply
3 24inch monitors
7970 gpu
12 gigs or ram
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  1. bump still need help
  2. It could be the ports going bad. You already ruled out the monitor correct? Have you tried swapping cables?
  3. yeah not the cables... i just find it extremely wierd that brand new card could have 2 bad ports... that worked fine for a month or so.... just wierd...
  4. It happens though, RMA it if possible.
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