Stock CPU cooler pushpin removal problem

I'm trying to remove the Intel stock cooler from my motherboard, I can unscrew 3 of the 4 pushpin things keeping the heatsink held down but the 4th just makes a clicking noise when I turn it either way.. Any idea how to unscrew it?
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    If you turn the board over and take a screwdriver and gently (you don't want to damage the board) push the pin in the center of the clip down so the locked clips will be able to close you should be able to remove the HSF (heatsink/fan) without breaking it.
  2. I hope you don't really mean you were trying to 'unscrew' it. The black slotted tab is just meant to be turned 90 degrees CCW and pulled up for removal.
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  4. Thank you IntelEnthusiast, thank did the trick!
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