Very loud noise on startup after

Basically when I boot up I can hear a strange noise. Sounds like a fan losing power or slowing down. When I get into Win 7 Its quiet and normal. The noise is gone.

This only seems to happen if the pc is left off for quite long and I boot it up in the mornings etc.

Any idea what this could be?


Sabertooth Z77
I7 3770K 3.5
8gb ram
Msi Gtx 680 Twin Frozr
Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 1000W
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  1. When a fan goes slower it usually gets quieter as less air is being moved and the fan's motor is spinning less fast.

    You sure your temps are fine, i think it can be normal for some systems.
  2. Typically fans and what not spin up really fast when the PC is first turned on, and then will quiet down as the PC boots up.
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