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I need to know whether it is safe to use 1.65v kingston ram with the new amd a10. I hope to get a minor boost in performance for no extra cost($1). also, is the kingston 1333 that can oc to 1866?

I read an a10 review that said that getting faster ram actually gets better performance for this cpu, unlike intel, where there's no difference

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  1. I would just get 1.5v 1866 RAM. 1.65v was designed for the older CPU's, like 1st gen i7's.
  2. where can I get it for less than $60?
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  4. is that gskill ok with amd? this is a build, I have not yet ordered any parts
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  6. I would not get 2000MHz RAM. Mostly because it is expensive, and the voltage on that goes up to 1.75v. That is a lot of voltage.
    will change as time passes until after Christmas, may build on Christmas day for good luck. (or earlier if my budget is achieved before then)
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