Will a gtx 550 Ti be enough for what i need?

Hi, I've been reading a lot of threads about this but somehow I'm still kinda confuse on what to do, I'm buying a new CPU and I was wondering if a GTX 550 Ti will be enough for my needs.

I already have a monitor with max resolution of 1600x1200 that I plan to use, and I want to play recent games. I don't care much about eye candy, just want the games running fluently so I definitely can put low or medium settings if needeed but reading different threads, some users said that some games like The Witcher 2 cannot run on a GTX 550 Ti no matter what, and that scares me, not much because of that game, but knowing that some games that will be released this year cannot be played on this card no matter what settings you put on it, is this true?

The card will run on a Intel Core i3 2100 3.3 GHz with 4GB of RAM, and I already have an Xbox 360, so I probably won't play a lot in the PC, at the moment I want the PC to be able to play SC2, Diablo 3, Skyrim if I find time and try PS1/PS2 games that I always wanted as a kid.

Probably will add an extra monitor later, same resolution but that's not for gaming just for being more productive at my work or sometimes putting youtube/movies on 1 screen and work on the other, I guess that won't be a problem (?)

Since i live in México, I don't have many options and prices are really crazy, also i can't import and I decided to buy one on a store that sells custom PC's at a decent price considering here everything is damn expensive and they give guarantee.

The problem is that they don't have much, graphic related, and the 550 Ti is about $180-$220 usd here, my other option will be the ATI HD 6670 wich is about $20-40 usd cheaper, or the 560 wich is about $250-350, I can afford that but if I can save something...well, it will be nice, since my current calculations are that I'm gonna spend about $750-$850 in that CPU and I can pay for that but it's a lot for my budget.

Also I was wondering if a 500W PSU is enought for this processor and graphic card since they only sell this kind of PSU.

And another doubt I have and I remind you guys that I'm super noob in this :P, my monitor is a cheap one and only have VGA port, the 550 Ti or 560 don't have VGA, however the mother boards have VGA but it says something that I need an Intel Processor with Intel HD graphics for it to work, which the processor I will buy has, but what does that mean, does it mean my CPU will be using the Intel HD instead of my dedicated card or that I need some kind of adapter, because the 550 Ti here only says Mini HDMI and Dual-Link DVI, and the 560 it's the same ports at least on this items on the store.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance guys and sorry for my bad english :(
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    The vga port on the motherboard is for intergrated graphics which is diabled when you put a video card in the slot. All video cards usually come with an adaptor to go from DVI to VGA and if for some reason it doesn't you can always pick one up pretty cheap.
    The issue with a video card is this , there are a lot of different games out there and these games all have different requirements of the video card. For example a game like MW3 will play easily on a 550Ti and give good fps , then try to play BF3 with the same card and it is barely playable. So that beig the case with games you have to try and get the most card that you can aford and sometimes it might be a good idea to wait a bit to save a few more dollars to get a better card. In your situation you have said that you could get the 560 but you would rather get the 550Ti in order to save a few bucks. However the best card you could get to cover all the games and not be left with a situation of not being able to play a certian game would be the GTX 560Ti.
  2. I agree with the 560ti recommendation simply from the standpoint of the possibility of a monitor upgrade since that's a pretty low resolution.

    However I'd say the 550ti is good enough for gaming at 1600X1200. But a year from now???
  3. Thanks a lot for the anwers, they just added the Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 and it's at the same price as the 550 Ti, is this a good option for the above mentioned? Reading some reviews, some sites say it's close to the GTX 560.

    Here is a chart to help you see where cards fall in the order of highest to lowest and you will see that the 6850 is a level in between the 550Ti and the 560 so while it's better than a 550Ti it's just below the 560. I don't know your financial situation but I still feel that the 560Ti would be a great card to get and if you can find one in your price range you should grab it.
  5. Okay, thanks a lot for all the help, that chart is really helpful. I guess I'll stick playing in console a little bit more, while I save some money or the price goes down, at least in my country. The 560 Ti is currently at $480-$500 usd here and even when i can afford it, it's a little bit much for what I would like to pay, and the 570 GTX is just $20 usd more, but then again if I need that I guess, I'll wait and maybe end up with the GTX 560 Ti or 570 in 1 or 2 months more.
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