Windows 7 wont boot up, goes into boot loop

I have an ASRock Z77 with an Ivybridge CPU. I was able to install windows 7 no problem, and after it installed it booted to the desktop. Seemingly while the desktop was in the process of starting up, windows says its logging off and then shuts down. When it restarts or when I try to start it up manually after, it goes into a boot loop, alternating between a black screen and the monitor losing the signal every 4 seconds or so. I can access the BIOS still, but I can boot from a disc, but I can't get back into windows.

I tried reinstalling windows about 4 times, I ran memtest86+ and it passed, I tried both my SSD and my regular hard drive as the target for the windows installation, and I tried installing it with my graphics card removed. No luck on any of this.

Any suggestions? I'm really annoyed right now and I don't know what's wrong.
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  1. Is this a legal copy of Windows? Is this a new board?
  2. No and yes
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    I think you may have found your problem.
  4. Apparently I get a free legit copy from my school, so I'll give that a try then.
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  6. Haha that fixed it. Piracy is bad I guess!
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