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I'm currently looking at a Sapphire 7850 factory OC'd and also XFX's double fan model, but i'm not sure which one is most recommended. I'd also consider other brands. Just looking for some opinions.
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  1. Sapphire and XFX are good brands of AMD/ATi cards. But I've heard of bad customer support for XFX lately. Not sure though.
    You can consider the MSi too.
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    Yeah, XFX suppose to be good, but I wonder what happened to them, I saw many complains about their tech support lately, but XFX cards is still decent. I haven't heard much about sapphire tech support, they are I think decent, but had some issue to, but like XFX sapphire cards are decent cards. So overall no difference, just choose the one you like most. MSI and ASUS with DCUII or TFIII (or even TFIV possibly, I saw somewhere (I think techpowerup) that MSI is going to release TFIV model of the 7800 and the 7700 series under the name 'Power' or 'Hawk') would also be a good option too.
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    This is honestly a funny card :), the Length of the cooler is far longer than the PCB, and they included a cable extension build in for the 6-pin power connector!!
  4. LOL, you're right, the cooler is bigger than it's PCB. I didn't notice that till now!

    Also, I do remember a HD 6770 from ASUS, that's as large as a reference GTX590.
    And it's this one.
    And if you check the feedback section, most customers gave it a bad rating out of 5, cause it was just too big!
  5. Sapphire.
  7. Sure are a lot of different opinions haha. Is the factory OC that much faster or is the speed negligible?
  8. Some of the 'OCd' or 'Superclocked' has only got like a few extra MHz with them. Although, they'd be more stable and you won't void your warranty if you try to OC as well.And they have more performance with them.
  9. Well as others have said, I would have to agree that Sapphire, MSI, and HIS are the ones to go for. Gigabyte is pretty good too. Asus is so so, their direct cu have some issues, like on the hd7950. If you can try getting a non-reference model that runs really cool, that will allow you to overclock it well, but in general the hd7000's run pretty cool in general.
  10. LOL at that card, made my day :D. The superclocked or OC cards has higher clocks compared to the reference clocks, whether the difference is a Hz, or 200Mhz. Yes they are faster than reference clocked models, and usually has better cooler and design, but they are not 'significantly' faster. As far as I know they can overclock better (little bit better) than reference clocked model because of the better cooler and design, but, should also be not significant either. About warranty, not sure but Gman450 says it has better warranty...

    In my opinion, if the price of the superclocked/OC version is more than $10 higher, and you want to overclock the card yourself, and, you are sure that they don't have better cooler and design, there is no reason to get the superclocked/OC version of the card.
  11. MSI just announced a new 7850 with TF IV cooler design. There aren't many details yet, but it might be worthwhile waiting a few weeks for it as they say it has improved OC potential.
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