Should my system at least turn on?

Hello, I'm a first time pc builder and am currently 95% done with the assembly.
Right now, I am waiting for a 12V 4pin extension cord to arrive since my PSU's isn't long enough to reach its plug above the CPU.

So right now, with everything else plugged in (except the 4pin connector), if I turn on the power supply and try to turn on the computer I get no response at all. Should I at least get an LED flash (or something), or will the computer simply not turn on without it. I ask because I worry something else may be damaged (possibly the psu).

Any answer would be helpful, thank you.
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  1. I'm new to the forums so I can't answer your question but I know that people are going to want to at least know the specs of your build: Maybe fill this out and people will have a better idea of what's going on:

    List each one of the parts in your computer. This must be a full list. If some parts are from an older build, this might be important.
    Motherboard (model number)
    RAM (Model number, speed, timings, voltage)
    CPU cooler (stock or not, model if applicable)
    Video Card (model number)
    Power Supply (model number, or company and wattage at least)
    Hard drive(s)
    Operating System
    Case (for cooling issues)
    ANY other parts. If you have an ipod plugged in, we want to know.

    I'd also point you to I'm by Proximon which addresses lots of common mistakes that you may find helpful.
  2. without that extra power no the mb and power supply wont turn on.
  3. No. UtterNewbie is right, its generally helpful to post the full specs of your system. Fortunately for this scenario, it doesnt matter what the specs are , no power to the CPU power= no go.

    If you want to see if the power supply works, you can do that however, you can pull the main connector off the board and jump the single green wire on it to any of the black wires with a paper clip and it should power on.
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