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GTX480 vs GTX680 and what happened to the 680?

Hey guys, been thinking about the GTX680 a lot lately, thinking I might offload some of my stuff on Ebay and pick one up but I can't find any in stock for the 500$ it was going for. I assume they're just out of stock from high demand but I wanted to make sure they weren't being recalled or anything like the sandy bridge mobos were when they came out before I bothered with them. A google search turned up nothing.

I'm also curious how big of a leap it will be from my current GTX480, I haven't been able to find any benchmarks containing both of these cards, only comparisons to the 560ti and such. Anyone have any links?
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  1. They have sold out at most retailers , they have not been recalled.....There will be more coming soon.
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    Do you have a reason to move away from a single 480?
    As far as i gather a 480 will run all games maxed out.

    While the 480s are awesome cards, they still won't give you fps to match a standard monitor's 60Hz refresh rates.

    The 680s will keep you at or above that 60Hz mark with full details/ultra mode and full AA at most resolutions with just about everything. The 480s will not.

    The 680s run cooler, use less power and exceed the performance of the a 480 considerably:

    The review at the link above displays a comparison between the 480s, 580s, and 680s as well as the radeon cards.

    If OP can do it, I'd recommend the upgrade of the video card (if you can get your hands on one).
  3. Hey guys thanks for the replies. It looks like the 680 is a pretty big leap over the 480, I wonder though if my i5 760 3.4ghz would be a bottleneck though.

    As for whether or not the 480 meets my needs, eh, well enough yes but there are some games that I can't run as well as I'd like to, I get stutters in Stalker COP, I would like to play Cliffs of dover at a higher framerate with the settings up further for more detail and I notice some slow down in various other games.

    I can wait and may just do that but I still wanted to bring it up and hear what people thought.
  4. Quote:
    You will be very happy moving from the 480 to the 680, and is very justifyable.

    Stalker series is bad to begin with, they run like crap on the most powerful of hardware.

    Same with Metro 2033. Another graphics engine far less efficient/optimized than others out there.
  5. Your cpu will not be a bottleneck for the 680 and running at 3.4ghz it will keep up and if need be you can always bump up the speed a bit to compensate. The difference between a 480 and 680 is pretty big and will be a great upgrade for you. The only challange that you will face is finding one , it seems like Nvidia did not have enough stock to make a very good release and they are having issues getting the gpu's processed as I recently saw an article that because TSMC was backed up with orders Nvidia was looking around for a different foundry to manufacture thier gpu. So it certianly looks like it's just a supply and demand issue and it might take awhile to get stock to the stores.
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  7. While the 680 is more powerfull than the 480, I can't find a game that will make it run under 40-45 fps (maxed out graphics). I see no diffrence between 45 fps and 60fps, so I will not be upgrading untill I find a game that won't run well on my 480.
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