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I have a 2 very big problems. I am building a mid high range pc with the following specs
Amd fx 4150
As rock 990fx extreme3
120gb hdd
250gb hdd
60gb mushkin chronos ssd
Lite on sata dvd drive
Nzxt hale 750watt modular psu
8gb ddr3 1600 corsair vengence
water cooling system

So as you can see I am missing a case and gpu.
I would like get a slick black case with a nice window. I like the nzxt switch 810 and the antec dark fleet cases. Id also like to keep the case under $170. it also needs to be able to support a double rad.

The gpu is what im stuck on. I want to be able to run alot of games like skyrim on high. And ide like it to be under the gtx 570 price of 269.99. I I though of buying the gtx 570 but I will not lie. I have no clue what to do...
Well thank you all for reading this long post and thank you for the help in advance. I am that confident that the people in this community is that aamazing!
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  1. I would drop the water cooling system unless you already have it. Check craigslist for new or used cases; a fancy case is ok, but people tend to get tired of them quickly and unload them cheap. Some are brand new. Focus on the gpu and pay attention to the noise level. I personally hate noise, and will put up with higher temps to keep it down. And if you really want to save, find a new or used 1155 cpu on craigslist. Many will outperform amd without overclocking. I found a 2500 non K for only $100 recently.
  2. Thanks for your help but this isnt a build for myself in general it is for a c ustomer
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