I5-3570k vs. i7-3820

Hello guys, I'm new to the Forums.

I am building a new computer for video editing (3d Rendering, CS Premiere), gaming and everyday use. I know that how fast something renders mainly depends on your GPU, but I was just wondering should I get a i5-3570k or the i7-3820. Or maybe even a FX-8120. I would love to try to over clock it, but it's fine if I don't. I'm mainly just looking for performance in premiere, lots of HD video.

Also (a little of topic, but) I was wondering if I should get a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 or a EVGA GTX 660 Ti 3 GB.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950

EVGA GTX 660 Ti 3 GB
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    I would recommend a 3770K (don't know the price off hand) as rendering relies a good amount on the cpu as well. As much as I love AMD for really good 3d applications you need good core performance to I would recommend the I7, if the 3770k is too much the one you have there is very good too but the 3770k has an unlocked multiplier and can be overclocked very easily. As for the graphics card it depends on the program. Nvidia cuda cores and Physx is very good when it comes to using 3d rendering programs. Check if the programs you intend to use support it. The 7950 is better for mathematical performances when it comes to gpu computing, but if your programs dont support cuds acceleration or Physx than I would get the 7950. Do a little bit of research for the programs.
  2. The Intel® Core™ i7-3820 and the Intel Core i7-3770K are very close in price and performance. The Intel Core i7-3820 will use an X79 chipset based board which may add a lot of cost to the system since it does work with quad channel memory and X79 are generally higher end boards. Due to the Intel Core i7-3770K ability to be overclocked I think this is where I would go for your needs.
  3. My budget is around $1,000 for the whole build, so the 3770k is a little out of my price range. So I think I will go with the 3570k. I was also wondering, if it's true when people say the new IV's run hotter than SB's and if it is true, how significant is it?

    For Maya, they suggest Quadro GPUs but those are way out of my price range. I don't know if Blender supports CUDA Core acceleration, but Premiere suggested a GTX 470, so I think I will be fine on that. Sorry for all the questions, but what do you personally recommend for GPUs?
    Thanks in advance!
  4. My two cents since as mentioned above that the price to performance r similar and one OC easier, but the X79 motherboards look awesome lol, but ur spending $1000 on total build including keyboard, mouse, os, monitor, or just parts? and for ur purpose the i7 over the i5 all the way. LGA 1155 has cheaper solution towards motherboards, 2011 has more ram slots, issue with lga 2011 is ull end up spending pretty close to ur budget with just cpu/mobo/gpu lol

    Ull notice the difference with an i7 in rendering and premiere, and worth trying to save the $100ish extra for the i7 instead possibly upgrading to the i7, and beside that fact lga 1155 is dead with ivy bridge
  5. I7 is what you'll be needing for your purpose ...i5 vs i7 is multithreading i5 got less threads .. if you're more into rendering things then I7 is eminent .. if you're more into gaming then I5 is sufficient as it's 100$ less than i7 plus I won't be spending 100 bucks more just for multi-threads (but that depends on your purpose) .. so that recused money can be invested in GPU :)
  6. i5 and a higher end GPU.

    Have your GPU do all of the work.
  7. My budget is for my internal build and the OS. So I think I will go with an I5 and with the saved money, I'm going to get a GTX 660 ti and a Quadro 6000. Or should I get a HD 7950 and a Firepro v4900?
  8. ATI 7950 is preferred
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