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Ok so my thermal take level 10 gt snow edition is broken from shipping. The buttons are smashed in. And the audio some port is dead tried ac 97 and hd audio and changed bios settings amd installed drivers. Am i able to refund my
Purchase? I bought from ncix. Or atleast get store credit??? If i am able to im having second thoughts on getting the white edition. In your oppinion whats better black battle or white edition. Any very contributin replys will be given the best reply
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  1. You need to make a claim against the shipper because it was recived broken call NCIX they will help you with this.
  2. With any luck you opted for something more than the free shipping insurance. The free one only covers up 100.00 for lost and damaged orders on NCIX.
  3. I worked for UPS for 5 years. If the box has any sign of damage they will personly cover it even if you did not carry any fourm of insurance. UPS is pretty good with their customers.
  4. I only have the case thats it... I built the comp like a month ago.
  5. Totally should have made a fuss about it at the start. Generally all these companies dealt with would have tried to help.When you spend that kind of money they do want you satisfied enough to come back.
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    I think you are too late to claim shipping damages.
    If you had shipping damage, the claim should have been made a month ago when you recieved it.

    But... contact thermaltake, and ask them to send you replacement parts.
    See if you can find documentation so you can refer to specific part numbers.
    That is an expensive case, and they should be willing to support you, regardless of the origin of the damage.
    Be prepared, if necessary, to pay for the replacement parts.

    In the past, I have had damaged parts to Antec cases. Yes, entirely my own fault.
    I contacted them, and they shipped me replacements because the case was still under warranty. At no charge.

    Which looks better? Only YOU can decide that.
    Personally, I like white.
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