I5 2500k or 3750k with stock cooler?

Hey guys, I was wondering which i5 I should get if I plan of using the stock cooler and only OC'ing it to it's turbo setting? due to having a build budget I am cutting all the fat from by wishlist and unfortunately that means the 212 evo that I planned on getting is getting cut :/ Thanks for any help/opnions
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  1. 2500k. Intel changed something under the cap and the ivy bridge doesn't cool as well.
  2. I would take the CPU that fits your budget the most. Both Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge i5's will be able to be moderately OC'd using their stock cooler.

    Keep in mind Ivy Bridge is generally 5-7% faster clock-for-clock; at stock speeds on the 3570k, you're roughly equivalent to a 2500k @ 3.6Ghz.
  3. if you were going to buy a 3570k with your budget anyways. then getting the 2500k should allow you to get an after market cooler with the price difference. Depending on what sale you can find the 2500k at.
  4. I'd have to save up just a bit longer and get an aftermarket cooler regardless of whichever chip you get..
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