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hi new to the site. been into computers for years doing light repairs/upgrading and decided to build a new system recently. THE SPECS SO FAR: Asus GeForce GT 610 Graphics Card. 500GB Seagate Barracuda hard drive. 2 sticks of 1GB DDR2 ram. Cd/DVD RW drive. ECS G31-T M7 v7.0 motherboard. and the processor is a Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 running at 2.20GHZ. 1MB cache. all with a Cooler Master heatsink/cooler combination.

so my question is i have a Intel Pentium 4 processor here too. its clocked at 3.0GHZ with 2MB cache. now i know these can be overclocked to a good amount with stock cooling. so which would be the better processor to use the Pentium Dual Core clocked at 2.2GHZ with 1MB of cache or the Pentium 4 clocked at 3.0GHZ with 2MB cache. and yes i probably will be overclocking the Pentium 4 if i install it.

what does the build sound like?? this will only be used for light gaming and general use.
cheers for an replies in advance
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  1. found out my cooler is a coolermaster hyper 212. and its lga775 socket
  2. The gpu and u woll be holding you back alot youd lag in medium settings and 4gb if ram would be recomemned
  3. the gpu and what sorry? just to clarify the games being used wil not be new games like today. maybe games released round 2007 or so nothing like modern warfare 3 or battlefield 3 or anything like that. i play them on thje ps3 or xbox
  4. Dual core is better , Just OC' it.
    Also what's your budget?
  5. the only games i will be using would be rfactor race 07 live for speed and other car simulators. like mainstream games of today
  6. oc to what. what is safe. what program/settings to do that with
  7. budget is zero just what i have here at the moment
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