Is intel graphics media accelerator 4500mhd better than amd radeon hd 4850

o basically can i play the ne starwars the old republic well enough to not carry any lag
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  1. 4850 is better, and theres no way to tell how well itll play cause you didnt list your other specs. However since im guessing you were using the on board graphics im gonna say no not even with a 4850.
  2. intell pentium dual core t4400
    4gb ddr2 800mhz 2 dimm
    intel graphics media accelerator x4500hd
    320gb sata hard drive 5400 rpm
  3. Well, hate to say it but you need to upgrade period. The 4850 will help but you wont get nothing but maybe low settings at best.
  4. A HD 4850 mobile or Desktop is many times better than the intel solution.

    the desktop discrete card will be faster/better still.

    Mactronix :)
  5. Sorry, had to ROFL over this one. The Intel Graphics Media Decelerator is worthless for games (some won't even load). The HD4850 is aging, but can still play.
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