What Nvidia driver should I use? 296.10 or 301.24?


I have a quick question, what Nvidia driver should I use for the GTX550Ti?
I want the driver that will give the GTX550Ti the best performance in Skyrim.
I am using the 301.24 driver from Nvidia at the moment, but I do not see ''21% better performance in Skyrim''.
I think that I even lost a few fps.
And if I am right, I used the 290.10 as my previous Nvidia driver, wich gave me a great performance.
It is just that I thought that the 301.24 driver from Nvidia would make it even smoother :sweat: .
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  1. The latest 301.24 drivers use the FXAA injector or so. See if you might have enabled it by chance.
    21% increase doesn't necessarily be present. That amount of increase might have been on a much higher end card, like the GTX560/570/580.

    If you see an FPS drop in it, you may as well roll back if you want to. Also, these are the beta drivers, so it might not be working well for all users.
    I'm currently using the 301.24, and I don't see much of a performance gain or loss from my old 267.85. But still, I'm keeping it for a reason.
  2. The latest 2 drivers are bad for GTX 550 ti, at least for mine, bad as in bad performance in BF3, Dota 2 beta and other games, compared to 275.33 seems to be the best driver.
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