Upgrading from SB i5 2400 to SB i7 2700k

i have an asus pro gen 3 mobo LGA 1155. Do i need a bios update, or can i just simply drop the processor in and iy'll run just fine? please quick answers please!
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  1. You should check your BIOS version.

    The 2700K was released later in the year which might be after your board was made.
  2. Now what are the consequences if lets say, i need to bios update yet i drop the i7 in there anyways. Would it mess up my mobo, or would my system simply not turn on? Bit confused on this.

    2. how do i update my bios? Go to Asus website, click download, unzip file, and install?
  3. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8Z68V_PROGEN3/#CPUS

    look to see what BIOS version. it does look like the first one.

    however just download the updated BIOS put it on a flash drive
    (you my need to extract it if it is a zip file, not sure if it is)

    in the BIOS use the EZ update utility and "point" it to the file on your flash drive. very painless process.
  4. ah i see, so regardless if the processor works or not, the bios menu will still be available, but just need to extract the files out of zip form, on put it in the flashdrive where the bios can automatically update.

    meaning, i should update the bios with my current processor before dropping my i7 in.
  5. Yes, update before putting the i7 in.
  6. What do you need the i7 for exactly?
  7. Thanks amuffin and qbsinfo, you guys were very helpful!

    @ Deemo13 I didnt plan to get the 2700K at all, however a guy i knew was selling it for a price i just simply could not refuse. He combined that with also a sealed corsair 16gb for only $200....Both the i7 and ram were factory sealed. I guess he bought it for his rig couple weeks back, but the project came short and he needed money.
  8. That's not bad at all.
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