Need advice choosing cooler for APU AMD A6 5400K


I am building some kind of media center, building it in med tower case, MB is Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-D3H and APU AMD A6 5400K . From my experience I know that stock AMD coolers from box are loud as hell even w/o load, so I was wandering two things:

1. Are coolers for socket FM1 compatible with socket FM2? cause on many sites like cooler master's saw that FM1 and FM2 compatible coolers are combined in one group like socket FM1/FM2, but when was loking detailed cooler description where was nothing mentioned about compactability with socket FM2.

2. Maybe you can suggest good and quite FM2 socket cooler for my media center for price till 35$, as I already told it will be build in med tower so cooler can be larger in dimensions. Maybe there is a point to use fanless cooler, but I actually had never deakt with passive CPU/APU coolers so I don't know are they good enough.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Just use the stock one....
  2. I just got all components and after some tests i can clearly say that that fan is too loud for media center (whached some HD videos and stock fan is really louder than background sounds in movies). Well for a while I have replaced stock heatsink fan with Cooler Masters fan(lucky me got one left from old PC :) ) this solved sound problem but APU tempareture somehow seems too hot (after 5 hours of usage) its about 45-48 celsius I know its not critical but somhow I feel its too hot for 65W APU, or maybe it's just imagination :)
  3. there are no fans out yet for the 5400 amd, or F2 mother boards
  4. You are totally wrong, there are lot of fans. I have already brought one. And for example check out cooler masters site, there are lots of coolers which are now compatible with FM2 socket.
  5. cool, thanks..
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