GTX 660 vs 660m |and| i7-3610QM vs i5-3570k

Alright, Getting a new build, been debating on getting a laptop/desktop but since the laptop is going to heavy and thick, whats the point of it since i already have a laptop that works fine?

So I've been wondering to top it off:

GTX 660M vs Desktop GTX 660

Since the benchmarks aren't out yet, What is the performance difference between:

GTX 560M vs Desktop GTX 560...

I read somewhere that the 570M = Desktop 560 Without overclocking.


To top off the final desicion, Processors

The i5-3570k vs i7-3610qm 2.3ghz

Other places have said that the i5-3570k will work better because its full voltage and higher clocks... Is it true?


So basically figuring out whether a desktop is better then a laptop. Since laptops overheat a lot and you can't upgrade flexibly and they malfunction often but pc's are huge. What are you guys thoughts?
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  1. the 'M' is for mobile usually, as in laptop. they don't compare at all
  2. Not even 75% on either comparison.
  3. To be honest he is not wrong, a Gtx 570m is akin to a desktop gtx 560, though you have to take in to account as mentioned that they have much lower clocks so as to fit within the thermal envelope. That being said they have the same number of Cores on paper. The Gtx 580m is based of the 560ti, i have seen people overclock those to reach the desktop default clocks. On the CPU end i would go with he simplest answer do you want a desktop or a laptop? Both processors wont be throttling a gtx560/560m so in terms of gaming you really can't go wrong with either. Though please keep in mind that when gaming on a laptop overclocks are possible to the GPU and sometimes for the CPU but they are usually too much work and may even require you to flash the bios on your laptop. Furthermore any OC will lead to more heat; therefore you will need to find a way too cool your laptop which is just another pain to deal with. Now a desktop will always present itself to be more stable, it will allow you to overclock and upgrade any of it's components in future. So i believe the question is down to what kind of gaming are you looking to do? and how important is mobility?
    Hope this helps.
  4. The 660m is close performance to the 550ti. The 660 is expected to be close to the 570. And that's about 90% performance difference. No reason to compare different gpus.

    For cpus, the i5 would be the choice for gaming because no game will use the 8 threads of the i7 so you will have less performance from lower clocks. Mobile cpus need to use less power so have lower clocks. So lower voltage is kind of just a side effect and is irrelevant. I'd suggest a desktop because it's more performance/$ and you can overclock for more performance. I wouldn't recommend ocing a laptop because of heat issues. Desktops will also stay cooler and are able to upgrade.
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