Framedrops in games every 3-5 minutes - GTX 560M

Okay, not 100% sure in which category to put this question in but since it might be atleast somewhat GPU related im hoping the question will fit in under this part of the forum, my apologies if i'm wrong.

I bought my Asus G74sx two months ago and i'm already experiencing trouble whenever i want to play games that are more demanding. Games like DOTA 2, Grand theft auto 4, Dead rising 2 and also Tera all give me the same very annoying issue which is a random heavy drop in fps. Usually my games are running VERY smooth at 60 FPS, and then all of a sudden it goes down to 15-20 for 3 seconds ish, then everything goes into a fast forward kind of mode until everything is catched up again, and then its back to smooth steady gameplay for another 3 - 5 minutes depending on the game.

I cant see the connection with the FPS drops, i mean, the fact that i get almost MORE of these random FPS drops in DOTA 2 in comparison to TERA doesnt make any sense to me. One thing is always the same though, everytime i see the framerate drop and tab out, i see the graph of my GPU in afterburner going from 100% usage down to a spikey looking slope where it only uses about 30 - 40% of the GPU, and when the game goes back to smooth, the GPU is back up to 100% steady usage.

Sad to say, I believe i must have installed some wrong driver or program that causes this, but since im not very good at the technical parts, i have no idea what it is causing it. I've tried to shut down any other programs that are running in the background when i play but the FPS drop is still there.

Oh and one last thing, when i play BF3 on Ultra (with shadows set down abit and MSAA lowered) I never experience the FPS drop, playing constantly at around 40 - 45 fps steady. Weird huh.

Specs: i7 2670QM
Nvidia GTX 560M 3GB
8GB Ram

I'm glad to provide any further information, i just hope you guys can help me out here. Thank you in advance for your time :)
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  1. No,Your just suffering from FPS lost. Some games you listed are GPU instensive like BF3. Which wants a more GPU than a CPU. a 560 should handle BF3 on Medium if you want better frame than Eye candy visual. WHich honestly i don't notice much of a difference between Medium and High
  2. Well, i'm not bothered with my BF3 performance, it's the one game im actually satisfied playing. The other games i mention is where i get frustrated ( especially GTA 4 which i was really looking forward to modding and play until my fingers break down ). As far as i know my computer should have no problems whatsoever playing GTA 4 smoothly and thus im baffled by the random framerate drops every 3 - 5 minutes. I really want to get down to the root of the issue causing this without having to reformat everything.
  3. Do you run the games in Windowed mode?
  4. No, i do not.
  5. Well run a program like MSI Afterburner and check your memory usage... If your memory is close to 950 mb or 1Gb then its because your Vram is low
  6. What are your CPU/GPU temps like under load?
  7. Rockdpm, my mem usage right now after playing Tera was around 700mb, after minimizing its down to 650 ish. EDIT: after playing dota 2 now, the mem usage is on 890mb.

    My GPU temp under load is usually around 67 - 74 c
    CPU temp around 60 - 65 c
  8. Hi , i m facing same issue i hve gt683 MSI , gtx560m 3d card, all the games u mentioned above were runnin absolutly great crysis 2 , gta IV i tried them all n used to play for hours with no lag or anything for a month now , than i reinstalled my windows due to some reasons , now these games give me tht Lag every 30 to 40 seconds its so annoying .. plz help
  9. Check in game temperatures. See if this always happens when you reach a certain temperature. My brother's notebook suffered from the same problem, and this always happened when his gpu reachs the maximum temperature, so the card throttled down the clocks to better dissipate the heat.
  10. @janarioo , dude!!!! Have u solved ur problem? I also have the msi gt683 and exactly the same issue!!!! Please heeeelp!
  11. have you tried a program called "Speccy"? it shows some pretty good realtime info, i see there are 4 performance levels. I want it forced to stay on the fastest level I have a hunch its swithcing performance levels.. any ideas?
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