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Meter for Intel Turbo frequency

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October 18, 2012 12:49:04 PM

Hi their I have a laptop with Core i7 2630QM (Base freq 2GHz TurboBoost2 upto 2.9 GHz).
I was always curious about to view the dynamic overclocking that occurs in i-series when it is subjected to heavy loads.
Initially I tried Intel Turbo boost monitor. It shows single bar for current clock frequency and doesnt look cool.

My doubt is that the dynamic overclocking occurs for all cores together or each core is dynamically overclocked at different frequencies as needed.

So if different cores are actually overclocked at different frequency then why Intel's Turbo boost monitor shows single graph.

Now my favorite gadget All Cpu Meter is updated to show turbo boost.
However I cant find it very well.

Check this image -

Does the increase in clock frequency above the base clock is the only way this gadget shows the turbo boost?
If yes then again they are showing the single textual increase in frequency value as turbo boost.

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October 18, 2012 5:01:33 PM

Turbo Boost should be able to dynamically overclock each core, but the overclocking is limited by the activity level of the other cores.

If you look at the Turbo Boost info, it will break things down on how much the CPU will overclock a given core based on how many other cores are active. If only one core is active, you can go all the way up to 2.9GHz, but if another core becomes active, then that max speed is dropped, and if a third or fourth core comes online, then that max speed is dropped even more. This is all because the overclocking is based on the idea of letting the overclocked core use the thermal overhead not being used by the inactive cores. It's not based on the temp of that specific core which seems to be what you're getting confused on.