Bored..want to change fans to push pull?

120mm side intake (1200rpm max w/ LED)
120mm front (1800rpm max)
120mm rear exhaust (2000rpm max)
CM EVO (push only fan)

I was thinking of moving my front fan (CM R4) to the side, so I can get rid of the annoying LED light that came with my case fan. (Also, I can't figure out which cable to cut so I'll trash the LED fan.) Then, moving my CM Blade Master from the rear exhaust to a pull fan on my CM EVO. Lastly, I might add another exhaust fan, but I don't see the purpose because I got the Evo pull fan pushing air out that direction.

The goal is to get my CPU temps lower. I'm pushing my overclock to 4.4GHz and temps are getting near 70C under load. Before, I had my CPU at 4.2GHz and temps never got beyond 65C under load.

Any thought? I'd like to hear feedback and then update progress.
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  1. Well as far as i can say, as long as the cool air is flowing in at the bottom and out of the top and your cpu heatsink is in that air flow then you are doing as much as you can regrading air flow in the case.
    Make sure your cables are out of the way and that everything is nice and dust free.
    How long have you had the PC? as it may be worth refreshing your cpu heat-sink paste.
    If you choose this route then clean off the old stuff and apply just enough to mate the heatsink to the CPU. you don't need loads of it.
    Push fan?? fans only go one way, they have an arrow on the fan molding's
  2. I've had this pc for 5 months. How often do people refresh the heat-sink paste? I was thinking about cleaning the dust of the EVO.

    I have one fan on my CM Evo and it is considered the "push" as the air is pulled from inside case and pushed into the heatsink coils. To make my CPU cooler I was thinking of putting a second fan on my heatsink to pull air.
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