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I've never posted on here and I feel bad joining a forum with a question without having participated at all before, but I've been trying to resolve this for over a day now.

So I bought myself a refurbished HP dv7t on eBay and it cam in yesterday. It has the Radeon 6490HD card switchable graphics with Intel or something. (I'm not much of a hardware guy.)

Anyways, the problem arises when I plug in the VGA cable for my external monitor - it recognizes it as 'Generic non-PNP' and doesn't give me the proper resolution options. It sets to 1024x768.

This isn't so bad for my home since I have an HD input on my monitor (which works) but at work, my monitor only has VGA and DVI.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers in probably 6 different ways trying different install methods and still can't get it to go. I got HP assistance to try to help me twice. First time he made me install some drivers which gave me the BSOD - and the second time she tried to tell me VGA couldn't get 1080p resolution - and when I insisted it could (since my older laptop has no problem with it), she told me that I'd have to send it in for two weeks to get it repaired.

I'm hoping someone might know what the issue could be. Even if there's a way to disable the AMD card and just use the intel, I could probably live with that - for now anyways.
Also - is it possible that there just is something wrong with the card itself?

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  1. Are the drivers working? Video card showing up as it should in device manager?

    The issue is that the laptop is refurbished, which means it could have easily been "refurbished" for a video card issue. Many times those things don't stick as fixed. If it was an overheating or damaged card and they just put on a new heatsink on the thing, it could have worked a few times, then died again.
  2. Ya - the drivers seem to be working. Everything looks as it should from what I can tell. The HD also works.

    I'm thinking it likely is a hardware issue as you stated.

    The seller is offering to repair it, but that means sending it back and waiting two weeks to get it fixed. Just frustrating...

    Well thank you for your help.
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