So, I am planning to build a new PC an I'm a bit stuck right now..

I have a budget of around $500 and I chose some parts:
Core i5 2320
HD 6790/GTX 550ti/HD 7770


FX-4170/Core i3 2120
GTX 560/HD 6870

Also what PSU should do with those??

Please tell me what is a better option...
I built PCs before so i already chose all other parts..
I plan to do some rendering(video,3d), a lot of gaming and like 100-tabbed browsing :D
Other suggestions are welcome and also the build should be future proof...
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  1. All i can say is stay away from the fx, wish i did more research before i got mine .. now i am looking to upgrade my mobo and cpu
  2. Wow... So it is really 'that' bad??? What issues have you been encounting with it?
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  4. close the tread please...
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