Graphics card might be causing computer to shut down?

I have a radeon 6950 that has been working great for almost a year now. However, now my computer is turning it self off whenever I play any games and I think its because the card is overheating. When its idle the card runs at 70-75 C and when I ran a game it got up to 106 or 107 before it shut off. Im fairly sure this is way to hot, but I dont know the average temperatures for a GPU. So my question is: is this too hot and can it be the reason my computer is shutting off? And if this is the case, what are the possible causes and what can I do about it? Thanks.
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  1. Yeah, that is way to hot, you should idling around 50c tops, and while gaming I wouldn't let it get over 85c.

    It is most definitely the reason the computer is shutting down.

    Possible causes are poor airflow in the case, what type of case you have, dying case fans, built up dust in the case, built up dust in the GPU, or finally a faulty or dying GPU fan.

    First thing I would do is make sure the GPU fan is working properly. Next I would use canned air to blow out the entire case, fans, and GPU.

    What is your case that you are using? When was the last time it was cleaned out.
  2. Rosewill Challenger

    And its been a few months since I have cleaned it out. I guess I will do that now
  3. See what happens after you do that, make sure you get inside the GPUs fan and throughout the GPU (you will have to take the GPU off the motherboard to do this).

    Do you have an intake fan on the bottom slot on the side panel window or no? If not you should look into putting one there.
  4. I dont have an intake fan there.

    Ok, I went through the computer and cleaned it as best I could. However my graphics card now doesnt seem to be running at all. My computer starts up by the fans on the card are not spinning at all. My monitors are plugged in though and are giving me a black screen though (as oppose to a "check connection" or "no connection" screen), so i dont think the GPU is dead. Im guessing that I just forgot to do something when I was putting everything back together, do you have any idea what it might be? Although it might also be that the monitors go to a black screen even if the GPU is dead, so if that is the case I have no idea why my GPU isnt running.

    Edit: oh and I should mention that its a MSI twin forzr II 6950
  5. Ok... I fidgeted around with some things and now it seems to be turning on completely. But now the fans are not spinning at all on the GPU.... When I run catalyst control center it says the fans should are running at 50%, but when I look at the GPU nothing is happening. Sometimes one of the fans seems to move about 1/10th of a turn, but there is no real movement at all. Are the fans busted?

    It is also possible that the fans where not working before I cleaned the computer as I did not check.
  6. Is there anything I could do besides RMA the card?
  7. Probably not if the fans aren't functioning correctly I don't recommend fiddling with them. If you decide to open the card up and fix it yourself it voids warranty. Its best to contact the manufacturer and RMA it. That way, it will guarantee you will have a functioning card in the future. You might have to live without gaming on your computer for a week, i suggest taking up a hobby or xbox
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