Finding a suitable graphics card for my new rig

I'm going to build a new rig, a system that will be used chiefly to play games and for multimedia purposes, specifically watching movies. I live in India, Kolkata, to be more specific, and even though my budget is somewhat in between INR 105k to 110k (1778 USD in a rough estimate), I’m limited by constricted availability of latest components in this part of the world. I’m equally limited by lack of domain-knowledge;-I’m NOT a techie, only an enthusiast who has majored in Language. Below I’ve inventoried the components I’ve decided to buy, I just want your valuable input as regards the Graphics card I’d need keeping in view the budget I’ve got. Besides, if anybody has alternative ideas as regards my Mobo choice, please feel free to share that!
Processor: i5 3570k 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge (will OC to 4.5 GHz, my estimated sweet spot)
Mobo: GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H ( I want your opinion on this Mobo; the thing is ASUS Z77-s are not easily available here!)
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB DDR3 (will take that to 16GB eventually)
Cabinet: COOLER MASTER HAF 922 Mid Tower
Monitor: Dell U2412m
Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 and Logitech Gaming Mouse G500
I can, considering all options, allocate something to the tune of 25k-26k for a dedicated graphics card. Please suggest me which one. I’ve always had high regard for this forum; I’m certain that I won’t return empty-handed! Thanking you all in advance! Stay Safe.
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  1. So if INR 100k = roughly $1700 USD then you have about $425 USD for a GPU I think, right?

    First - the Corsair H60 isn't a great cooler. It works best in small form factor PCs that don't have the space to fit big air or big radiators. The H80 is a bit better, but you can get very similar performance with big air. If you want water without a custom loop, the H100 is pretty good, it's big. Stick that thing up at the top of your case. But as you know it's expensive. Otherwise you can still overclock very well with big air (I like Noctua's overpriced stuff myself). I'd much prefer air over the H60.

    Mobo: Gigabyte is fine. If the board has all the features you want, then it should be great.

    GPU: The GTX 670 is a solid GPU within your price range that will allow you to play everything you want for the foreseeable future. A Radeon 7970 is also a good option. Either is excellent for SLI/XFire later if that's something you are considering.
  2. Thank u so much dear you really think buying Noctua NH-D14 would enable me to OC my IB to 4.5 GHz? Which is the same as asking, isn't water cooling a MUST for secured OC? Corsair H100 is indeed steep as far as price is concerned...And also please keep in mind that I may sometimes require to run the PC for, say, 18 hrs at a stretch...

    And, again forgive me for asking questions like a noob..if I buy a 3d compatible Mobo along with 3d compatible Graphics card (as your suggested card is), would there be any noticeable improvement in my 2d gaming? I'll be using Dell U 2412m which is NOT 3d compatible.

    Professed ignorance is always forgivable, so I hope I might receive some attention yet! :-)
    Best wishes to all again.
  3. OK ran into newer problems. As it happens, I DID research on these treacherous paths as much as I'm allowed considering my severe lack of domain knowledge, but there remained a few unresolved issues. I’m trying to be as precise as I can.

    1. Following the valuable suggestion of larkspur, I did search the specifics of Noctua NH-D14. It appears that its dual fan-dual tower structure is too big to allow 1600 Mhz Corsair vengeance RAMs. It is suggested that I dismantle the heatsinks mounted on them. Should I do that? It is also suggested that I use 1333 Mhz RAMs. But I intend to stick to 1600 Mhz.

    2. If I go for Corsair H100, again a suggestion of my helpful friend larkspur, I may have to decide in favour of a full tower. I’ve preferred Coolermaster Storm Trooper Full Tower. Is the choice OK?
    Again, looking forward to your positive inputs. :-)
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