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Hello there, sorry if this is the wrong forum place but here goes... I built my new PC on the 21st of last month, and since day one I have had random blank screens following a reboot, but no BSODs or errors. However recently, I turned my PC on for the first time in about 2days and 5minutes in I got a blank screen again so I had to reboot. I thought that if I restored it to a previous point it may eliminate the issue. But now.... I turn on my PC, it loads all of the programs then gives me a BSOD (which changes each time!) and then reboots. This happens when I boot into safe mode and normal mode. Some BSODs include:

1. system_service_exception
2. page_fault_in_nonpaged_area
and another which I cannot remember.

I have memtest 86 and had 2 passes without any issues, I have tried running with only one stick of ram, the motherboard bios is uptodate as of today. The graphics card drivers are uptodate. I can't do anything without getting a BSOD and a reboot. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Case - CM Storm Enforcer
Motherboard - Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 965 @ Stock 3.4
RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance
GPU - XFX Radeon HD 6950 1GB
PSU - Coolermaster GX650w
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  1. Sounds like the power supply. I had the same problem on an old power supply. I replaced every part with stuff I had lying around with no luck. Finally I borrowed a PSU from a friend and it did the trick.
  2. Do PSUs cause BSODs?
  3. They can, they can also cause random reboots. What happens is the PSU doesn't maintain the level of power that is needed by the system and the computer will reboot or the you will get a BSOD like a system service error. There could be other problems at hand as well but don't count out the PSU.
  4. it happens .. im betting you just got a bad power supply ..
  5. Just swaoped out my gx650w with an old 500w and have exactly the same issue
  6. Robbaazz said:
    Just swaoped out my gx650w with an old 500w and have exactly the same issue

    Okay back to the drawing board then. So you've tried a new PSU, different sticks of RAM, and a different GPU correct? Looks like it's down to the motherboard and CPU. CPUs either work or don't work, so I doubt its that. You said you've been having these issues since day one right? Maybe something is up with your motherboard, check all the capacitors make sure they aren't bulging or burst.
  7. Hmm yeah i suppose. Could it be anything to do with the hdd or os?
  8. Best thing to do is try everything you can, so try a different hdd
  9. Im trying to find the cheapest way to solve the issue as i am a 16yo school student
  10. I know buddy, i'm sorry this is happening to you. The only way to fix it is to try different parts to pinpoint the faulty one. I happen to have a backup for everything, I understand if you don't have that luxury. Is there a computer shop near by? Maybe they can test your motherboard. Or just return you're motherboard and hopefully that's the problem. If it's not psu, its likely the motherboard based on you're symptoms.
  11. Update - I managed to turn it on this morning and launch start-up repair, I then done a system restore and it is running smooth but in the bottom right corner it says this copy of windows is not genuine or something.
  12. You hadn't tried a Windows reinstall yet?

    Try to re-enter your Windows CD-key. If it is a copy of windows that you paid for, you might have to call the number they give you when you try to activate your copy. You usually have to enter 9 sets of 6 digit numbers and then they give you 9 sets of numbers and it's activated. Kind of annoying but if you have a legit copy it works.
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