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I am on a large EDU network and am having some issues with Windows File sharing. I am running a batch script that calls
net use N: \\129.2.51.XX\Inventory /Persistent:No /user:test

(The XX is just a place holder here, I have the real IP in my script). This works on all PCs with the IP range of 129.2.50.X to 129.2.51.X, but I have a few machines that have IPs in the range of 128.2.218.X.

I have no control over these IP designations.

Configuration of the 129.2.5X.X
Subnet: Gateway:

Configuration of the 128.8.218.X
Subnet: Gateway:

They both use the same DNS servers.

I have tried adding
route add
to the batch from one of the 128 machines, but no success.

I get error 67 has occurred. The network name cannot be found.

Other general info:
Host machine is running Windows 7. Sharing permissions are valid and working on other PCs in the same IP range. The client machines are also running Win 7. I am unable to ping the host, but I can connect using Remote Desktop. All TCP/IP configurations are static.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I need to provide more information.
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  1. I ended up solving this. I had File and Printer Sharing enabled in the firewall. It worked fine for PCs in the same subnet. I investigated this a bit. Turning off the firewall allowed other subnets to map the drive. I then found this great tutorial that solved my issue.
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