Yet another aggravating 3570k temp question!

New system build up and running for a couple of days now. I haven't installed any programs yet, have not run Prime 95 or any other stress tests. CPU running @ stock speed.

I have run RealTemp 3.70 frequently and some of the readings concern me slightly. I have read many posts about the different temps for each core and how one core can run hotter than the others. That seems to be the case here.

This morning RealTemp showed:
Core 0 = 21 C
Core 1 = 31 C
Core 2 = 22 C
Core 3 = 21 C

ASRock's UEFI BIOS Hardware monitor showed CPU temp at 29.5C and MB at 22 C. Ambient room temp is about 72 F.

No matter what time of day I run RealTemp it always shows Core 1 running from 9 - 11 degrees hotter than the other 3 cores. I have read of course that a 5 - 8 degree temp reading difference is not unusual for the 3570k but am a bit concerned about this 9 - 11 degree difference.

Any suggestions on other tests I could run or a more accurate reading method? This was a first time install of a non-stock Intel CPU heat sink (I'm using a CM Hyper 212 EVO) and the install seemed fine. Used a minimal amount of TIM (Tuniq TX-2), between a large grain of rice and a very small pea. Of course I could always pull the 212 EVO off and look at the TIM spread pattern and then reapply TIM and reinstall but obviously I would rather not do that.

Please excuse my paranoia about this and I know this topic is continually posted but would really appreciate some advice.
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  1. Your temperatures are nothing out of the norm out of appearing to be a little low (which is good). For checking your temperatures I generally like HWMonitor a better then RealTemps.

    I would run HWMoniter and take it from there. Also run Prime95 to show what it is like under load along with the temeperatures.
  2. Just installed and ran HW Monitor. Readings are:
    Core 0 = 30 C
    Core 1 = 37 C
    Core 2 = 33 C
    Core 3 = 31 C
    ASRock BIOS HW monitor - CPU 32 C MB 29

    These are little more in line with what I was expecting. I'll be running Prime 95 a little later on and will post results. Thanks for the reply and I'll scratch this one off the Worry list and add something else to it :D .
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    ... and one core will always run hotter if there's not much to do but a few single thread instructions.
  4. clutchc said:
    ... and one core will always run hotter if there's not much to do but a few single thread instructions.

    OK, thanks for the clarification. Should have remembered that as my existing Core 2 Quad Q6600 shows the core temps within a couple of degrees of each other but every now and then Core 3 will move ahead of the others by 7 degrees or so. As before, appreciate your reply. I'm just going to assume all is well. Just a bit of new build paranoia rearing it's ugly head. :ouch:
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