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Hello guys,i need help choosing processor.i need to know which is better for gaming amd phenom ii x4 965 be/fx 6 core/fx 8 core or intel i3 2100/i5 2320 and i5 not going to overclock the amd.should i wait for the haswel?
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  1. better stick with intel sight i would go with i5 2500k which is good for gaming but amd promise tomorrow so phenom x4 970 is best one for gaming yet
  2. As i know,the "k" version can be overclock but im not doing if i buy the 2400,is there any difference in perfomance between the 2500k?
  3. monu_08 said:

    Maybe ill think about amd liano and i5.for i5 ill stay with 2400.and liano a10 is better than fx8120?
  4. monu_08 I think you have your facts mixed up. The AMD APU's only win without a discreet graphics card installed in the system. Otherwise the I5 2500K beats anything on the AMD side, which I find sad because I have been with AMD for like 5 years now and only recently bought a Phenom II 965 to upgrade from my Athlon x2 6000+.
    Which leads me to my suggestion of the Phenom II 965 with a good cooler. It can beat the 2400 when Overclocked to about 4-4.2Ghz which is pretty decent when comparing the prices of the two.
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