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So, I just purchased a new Radeon 6870 graphics card. I connected the DVI ports from the card to the samsung syncmaster E1920 monitor, then to the 650w ps. When I hit the power button, everything seems to come on; the fan on the vard starts spinning, but the monitor starts to cycle between digital and analog (trying to find the correct setting; it is an automatic process on this monitor), then eventually gives up and the blue power button on the monitor starts to flash while the screen is black. When I take the DVI cable off, the monitor detects that it has been removed, and when I put it back on, it is still a black screen. any ideas?
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  1. I am sorry to say it but like I said before it sounds like you are experiencing a failed GPU you have to RMA it I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I agree that the new card might be defective, but it could also be a problem with your power supply or connections. I suggest you try as many variables as you have available before rma'ing the card. Did you turn the monitor off, then back on before trying the new card? You might try using both of the adapters that came with the card (molex to 6 pin) rather than the psu 6 pin + molex adapter. You could also clean the gold contacts inside the pcie slot with a q-tip and alcohol, then make certain the card is seated completely inside the slot... maybe even reseat the card a few times, and test it without the expansion slot screw inserted; the screw, when tightened, might be pulling the card away from the gold contacts. Exhaust all your possibilities before returning the card as defective.
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