ASUS 6870HD wont update??

Ok maybe this one is just me again... but I cant get AREO or games on my new windows 7 x64 to work. and i cant run the windows test to score my machine cause it cant test video output. I have a display and whenever i go to the card it self and hit update it says it has the latest. but my troubleshooting stuff says it is out of date. I tried using the included disk, also tried unistalling the video card which forced my computer to relap to a back up.

also my device manager just says "AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series"

ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3, 8g ram, I5-2400, 630w psu, 120SSD, windows 7 x64.

any help would be great, thanks!!
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  1. Who is the card manufacturer? Have you tried to go the manufacturers website to download the latest drivers? Can you tell me what "troublshooting stuff" you are using? Thanks.
  2. ASUS....

    and just the windows "toubleshooting" links they provide when stuff fails.

    in the middle of ASUS driver update my screen goes black but my monitor blue light stays on like its getting signal but i cant see anything :/
  3. It looks like from that if you have the most current drivers you will have driver version 8.861 for the AMD Radeon HD 6800 series. Have you tried to install a previous version such as driver 8.84.9 or driver 8.782?
  4. weird got the drivers installed but every time my comp restarts its like it just forgot how to use the drivers.. AERO goes away and i cant run games...

    xun, that link is to the 6850.. not the 6870?

    now i got it installed with ASUS drivers and its giving me a nasty flicker randomly, short and long, extermly annoying cause it goes completely black... attempting clean windows 7 install and first driver in will be for the video card.. so far this is nothin but a head pounding experience... Building computers these days are nothing like they use to be 12 years ago haha man im behind
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