Cpu1 or cpu2 ? NZXT Hale90 Power supply PLEASE HELP!


I have the NZXT Hale90 GOLD Power supply. And I have two Connectors for the CPU. One is 4pin x 4pin "CPU1" and one is 8pin "Cpu2" ...

whiCh one please ?
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  1. I would use CPU1 although I'm pretty sure there is no difference, since what it means is that it can supply power to 2 CPU fans (some coolers have 2 fans)
  2. ^ I'm guessing that it's just two separate CPU power connectors, but it doesn't matter which one you use.

    If you only have a 4 pin connector on the motherboard, then you can just use one half of the 4+4 pin connector, to make it easier, but if the motherboard has a full 8 pin connector, you can use either one.
  3. You can use either cable. The 8 pin is an EPS12V connector. The 4+4 pin is 2 x ATX12V connectors that together form an EPS12V connector.
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