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I'm running into a problem when I put more than 256MB in my PC. I had an Intel PIII 866 with 256MB, added another 256MB (PC133) for 512MB total and my system became very unreliable (system had random crashes and some graphics corruption). Tested the system by running it on just one 256MB module for a week, swapped in the other module and ran for a week. PC was fine -- added the 2nd module (for 512MB) and viola, system starts crashing again.

The story gets even more strange. I replaced the Motherboard with an ASUS A7A266 and go with an AMD 1.33GHz CPU and got two 256MB DDR (for total of 512MB). Guess what, I experience the exact same problem. Each memory module alone works just fine, add both together and the system becomes very UNSTABLE.

I'm running WinME with CL Live! 5.1, 3Com905C NIC, Voodoo3 2000 PCI, nVidia GeForce2 GTS AGP (dual monitor setup).

Any suggestions? Is the memory addressing scheme getting hosed because I'm running two video cards?

Thanks, Rob.
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  1. I don't know about the two vidoe cards thing but it might be because sometimes different RAM boards don't mix well. Who is the manufacturer of both?

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  2. Crucial PC2100 double bank -- both the same.
  3. I just read about this problem earlier today, how ironic. There is supposedly a problem with Windows 95/98/ME and 512MB or more of RAM - it's a cache thing. Check this page for a little more info:


    Is this similar to your problem? Let me know if you work it out, I'm building a new system and planned on the AsusA7A266 with 512MB PC2100 from Crucial. I'd like to know if it's feasible...
  4. I was thinking you could have 512meg, but not 513meg. Anything over 512meg, and it smoke checks the computer.
  5. I had a similar problem, i didn't have DDR though. My computer kept crashing all the time, particularly when i opened media player. I had 2 x 128 and 1 x 256. I couldn't get them working properly under ME. I have reformatted and now have win2k on and the computer works fine. Might have something to do with win ME?
  6. Go to http://www.tweakfiles.com, at the top right-hand side click and download the program named cachemem. Install it and tell us the outcome.

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  7. I too have had this problem in the past....Except that well listen to this...I have a small network in my home which is comprised of 5 sometimes 6 computers..right now I have 3 running PIII 800-866 all of them with 512MB one of them had some older non-brand name memory modules which I had 4 of all 256MB peices...The other two machines had newer non-brand name modules (256MB peices as well) these two systems worked prefect no crashes no in game crashes nothing. However the machine with the older memory did. since I had 4 different modules of the same type I tried different combinations until I found one that was stable....This too me is weird but the only explanation I have is that some of the modules must have had some errors or perhaps bad parts on the module...Of course when I ran them seperately they all worked fine...So I am not sure if this helps or just confuses more...But I do have 3 machines now PIII 800 and 866's running 512MB PC133 Memory in Windows ME with no crash

    All systems are running with GeForce 2 GTS's or Ultra's and SB LIVE! cards...network card is 3COM 10/100
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