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My desktop build desperately needs a better case. I've been stuck with using an older desktop case that just isn't suited for what I'm using it for (Gaming, of course! :lol: ). With the case I'm using right now, my GPU (a Radeon HD 6770) is way too close to the bottom of my case (I'm using the mATX form factor). It sits about 1-2" from the bottom of my case, and that is a bit too close for my liking. Plus, it runs at a scary 55C when it's idle, which I don't like at all. So, I need to get a case that's more suited for what I intend to do.

I have a little bit of money saved towards buying a case, but I'm *sadly* limited to a case that's less than $50. I've been looking around, and was thinking of getting the Thermaltake V3 Black Edition ($40.37 on Amazon as of the original post date of this thread). I really wish I could set my price range a bit higher, but I can't afford to do it at the moment.

Does anyone know of any other *decent* cases that are around this price range?
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  1. I found that case, but anywhere I would buy it (Newegg or Amazon typically), it costs $60+ :(
  2. If your budget is no more than 50 bucks, i'll recommend you the Antec Gaming Series One:

    50 Bucks in newegg, black Interior, Mid-tower case, USB 3.0 Ports, CPU cutout, some cable management holes and room behind the motherboard tray, and has great cooling option for a 50 dollar case.

    You could get better cases If you stretch your budget a little bit, you could get the HAF 912 which is a great case.

    If you want some reviews of the Antec Gaming One, search in you tube, there's a lot of videos to make your decision.

    Sorry for my bad engish :D
  3. +1

    I have the Antec Gaming Series One. Very nice case, comes with 2 120mm Antec fans (never did find out which model) with room for 3 more. PSU mounts on the bottom, side panels are flared out for extra room for larger CPU coolers and cable management. USB 3.0 and Audio on the top of the front panel. Unfortunately the only dust filter is for the PSU.

    You can put up to 5x120mm or 4x120mm & 1x140mm fans. Front, bottom, side panel, rear (120 or 140) & top.

    Antec Gaming Series One $49.99 + $4.99 Shipping - $5 Promo Code = $49.99 shipped
  4. The Antec Gaming Series One would probably be suitable, but my motherboard doesn't have any USB 3.0 headers :(

    ^That isn't necessarily a problem for me though, because I can grab a USB 3.0 controller (PCI-E x1) off of Amazon for $20, it'll just make me have to wait to be able to have 3.0 capabilities.

    I was also thinking of choosing the Zalman Z9. It's $47 on Newegg right now, with a $10 rebate to bring it down to $37. [+ free shipping!]

    Do either of you have any input on that possible choice?
  5. mmm, I can't speak personally on the Zalman.

    Zalman Z9 Plus review here.

    Antec Gaming One review here.

    Both reviews are done by the same site. Hardware secrets is known for not pulling any punches and breaking things down to their roots. If you like the look of the Z9 then get it. I'm not into the flashy side windows anymore. I'd rather have bland looks with excellent construction and great cooling options, that's why I got the Antec, awesome brand with awesome cases. Your call.

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