Radeon 6670 for a inspiron 570, will it work?

Dell insprion 570
AMD athlon II x2 250 processor 3.00GHz
6 gigs ram
300W power supply (Although everywhere I read I hear there under rated)
windows 7 64-bit

will this graphics card be compatible? From what I read it says it will be, but do I need any additional things or can I just buy this video card and put it in? If not what would be thee best choice for my system?

Saving up to build a PC but I want a decent graphics card for the time being so I can still play games in good graphics, so will this one work? if anyone needs any pics of the inside of my PC or any other additional information lemme know.
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  1. Dell PSUs are under rated, and they tend to be good ones, from what I've heard.
    I don't think you'll be having any issues running a HD 6670. You can consider a HD 7750 to, if you like, and if it fits your budget.
  2. Do you think the 6670will be okay though, in terms of my wiringand everything or will I need to buy anything else? I heard that it needs a 6 prong wire or something like that from the PCU, does my PC already have that on the power supply?
  3. It should be okay.
    And no, the HD 6670 doesn't require a 6 pin power connector.
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