Are there any gaming latops under $1000?

I am looking for a gaming laptop instead of a desktop, since my family travels alot more then i'd like but i want one where i can connect it to a larger display maybe 23" or a little more i dont care about the laptop screen size id prefer more then 11" but show me them to

I mainly want to play skyrim on med-high if possible, thanks! :)
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  1. your going to need a quad core lappy for that game.

    This for 900 is an extremely good deal. Probably one of the best laptops for this price. i7 quad core, 8GB ram, 550m 1GB GPU. Will probably be able to play skyrim on high.
  2. yeah that sounds cool, though i personally dont like that brand as much as hp or ASUS
    is that the only one that will work then?
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    MANY many notebooks.

    Use this list to find the notebook video you need at the resolution you want for skyrim. (EDIT: the restriction to skyrim didn't stick in the link. SELECT elder scrolls skyrim from teh lsit on the right then hit the RESTRICT button. That will give you a list of laptop graphics solutions by skyrim detail level by framerate. Very nice. Notebookcheck does a nice job. Not a bad place to read a review either)

    Then google the manufacturer you want and the name of the graphics and see what comes up. Then read reviews.

    Post what you end up getting.
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  5. alright that helped thanks guys!
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