Pc turns on, monitor doesn't detect any signal

I am a first time builder and just put together my new pc. When I power it on, everything turns on as it should and I hear a single short beep. The manual says that it means that vga is detected, Quick boot disabled, and No keyBoard detected. I have the moniter connected to the motherboard through hdmi yet it always says no signal. I tried dvi and vga on both the video card and the motherboard. Same with hdmi. Everytime it would say no signal.

My specs are

Asus P8z77-v pro

Corsair silent gold series 1200 watt

Asus Gtx 670 dcii

Coolermaster HAF X

Corsair vengeance 8gb (4gbx2) low profile

Intel i5 3570k

Hitcahi Deckstar 2tb 7200rpm

Asus 24x dvd burner
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  1. I have once had a problem similar to this. Altough my monitor was set to VGA not DVI. Your motherboard could be faulty or the BIOS is all messed up. Try reseting the BIOS and see if that helps. It may be trying to send video from the motherboard but your GPU is in there causing some sort of confusion.
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    these bords have new bios for the new cpu codes. you have to use the usb flashback on the dont need to boot the mb just have power to the mb.

    just use a usb stick and put the file on the root dir of the usb stick and hold the flash back button in till it starts blinking. if the file is named right when the flash starts the blinking speed will change then the port will go out. also check on the video card you have all the power connected and on the mb you have the 8 pin power connected. i would start also by pulling the video card and just seeing if you can get video from the mb.
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