Testing system without heatsink mount

I have received all of my parts to my new system and I realised that I never bought any 2011 mounting screws for the heatsink, so I now have to wait for them to arrive.

Is it possible to set the system up externally (breadboard setup) without the mounting kit assembled for the heatsink and just sit it on top of the CPU with some thermal paste applied on a flat surface?

And if so, when I am finished testing, can I remove the heatsink and keep the thermal paste applied, ready for when I do get my mounting screws, or will that accumulate too much dust and what not? I will be storing it back inside the mobo bag inside its cardboard box while I wait.

CPU is 3930k
Asus X79 pro
gtx 670
samsung green DDR3 4gb x 8
Prolimatech Megahalems revision C
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  1. I say be patient & wait for the screws to come in, I def wouldn't apply the paste just to remove it again but that's just me.

    On another note if you're just looking for a solid POST beep those few seconds shouldn't really hurt anything without a heatsink on it, just make sure you power down right after. I wouldn't do much more than that though, I seriously doubt a CPU can get to critical temperatures that quickly but then again I'm no expert so don't take my word for it.
  2. Yea, all I want to know is that my setup works and I haven't unknowingly shocked any of the parts to death yet.

    Anyone else know if it would be alright to power up to get a POST beep without a heatsink?
  3. Could I post test with the heatsink just sitting on top without any thermal paste? All I want to know is that everything is working. I would turn it off straight after.
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    I am no expert, but I certainly would not start my computer without the CPU heatsink and fan properly installed, patience is a virtue as they say. Would you rather risk frying your components to make sure you didn't shock them to death? Also, from what I read, you will have to remove and reapply thermal paste anytime you remove the heatsink, and without the heat sink being screwed onto the processor, the thermal paste is not likely to properly spread anyways (which could lead to overheating). I am assuming you bought an aftermarket CPU cooler, did the stock cooler come with the appropriate mounting hardware? You could fully attach that one and I believe it should be good enough to POST and even use the PC while not under heavy load (Although someone may correct my assumptions).
  5. Well I held out and the parts come today. The risk was way too large for my liking. Thanks for your help!
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