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So I have my AMD Phenom II X4 B50 mildly overclocked from 3.1ghz to 3.3ghz.
The base clock is 200Mhz and the multiplier is 16.5x, voltage is at about 1.425.
When I run Prime95, I have no problems with stability, however, once in awhile my computer freezes and crashes. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with power saving and the processor constantly getting underclocked and the voltage fluctuating all the time. Does anyone know if turning on power saving impacts stability? Anyone else had the same problem?
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  1. What kind of errors/crashes are you seeing? I have run into a few issues on my old Phenom II X4 rig; "Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error" was one of the many dreaded errors I had.
  2. It is strongly suggested for most people to disable any kind of setting that causes dynamic performance changes when they are OCing.

    C1E and stuff like that as well as turbo core and stuff like that should ideally all be shut off when OCing.

    If you have a stable system with those things turned off, you can slow roll turning them on and see if they case stability issues. Most people just leave them off, though, I think.

    Also, what are you doing when the freezes/crashes occur?

    The first thing when I think freeze during gaming (if that is what is happening) is that a bad case is putting serious strain on a PSU to the point where it can't adequately power the video card anymore.
  3. Nope, gaming is solid, my PSU is like 100w overkill for my system. It mostly crashes during web browsing and word processing. This is when the processor is changing frequencies the most so that's why I thought power saving might be the problem.
  4. Freezing during regular usage with no BSOD/crash is usually indicative of a processor problem, yes.

    I would turn all the settings off that change performance dynamically, as I suggested before. Afterwards, test again.
  5. Thanks. Will do.
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