New build freezing up.


I just built my new computer but for some reason it randomly freezes.  One time it happened while browsing the internet.  Another time while playing bf3 for a few minutes.  And another time when I left my computer and returned to it. No bsods just freezes, keyboard and mouse stop working and requires a manual restart/shutdown.

I ran prime95 and fur mark and monitored temps so it's not a overheating problem or gpu failure.  I now think it's a memory problem but I'm not sure.

Asrock z77 Extreme4
I-5 3570k
8gb Samsung RAM @ 1866 9-9-9-28 1.5v
Sapphire 6950 OC Edition
640 gb Samsung Spinpoint (old laptop drive)
Nzxt Hale82 750w
Antec 1100
Windows 7 home premium

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Try going in & setting your RAM timings manually, it will list all the appropriate timings on a sticker on the side of the RAM module itself. You might try 1800 instead of 1866, worth a shot.
  2. Tried running memtest and this happened:

    Don't know if it's a graphics issue or a memory issue.
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