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I have bought a new Sapphire Radeon 5450 512Mb graphics card for my pc that i have just upgraded. However when I install it into the PCIE2 slot on the mobo the computer fails to boot. Instead the CPU and case fan go to maximum and stay like that without any output. The computer has a 250w PSU with 12v-14a but when i tried it on an acer pc with a 250w 12v-15a PSU with a PCI X16 slot it worked perfectly. Could someone please say why the pc fails to boot windows.

Cheers everyone.
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  1. i think it was psu problem. either you got faulty one or using generic one
  2. ^+1
    You said you put it in the PCIe slot 2? How many PCie slots do you have? Also the most your GPU will use under load is 16w, so that would mean only a amp and a half is all it takes to run that card.

    And with 14a on your 12v rail would mean 168w. So it is not the difference in the amps from both PSU's. So now what I am worried about is the slot you put your card in.

    Even though it might mean anything but it is worth taking a look at. So the next thing is to try a different PSU in your rig. Like barrow someone's. And remember you only need less than 2 amps to power the card.

    I am going to link you to one of the sites that show you how much your card draws in watts. One more question what is the brand of your PSU? Please let us kowe everything and good luck.,704313/Radeon-HD-5450-Cedar-review-The-ideal-HTPC-DirectX-11-graphics-card/Reviews/
  3. I only have 1 PCIe slot on my motherboard, so I hope it's not broken. My PSU is a Bestec 250w which I heard are crap, so I was looking in to buying a new PSU. It would Proberly be a 430w aerocool psu which has good reviews and is a good price as I can't really borrow a psu from anywhere easily. Would the Bestec be the problem? I really appreciate your help
  4. Its very possible, even with a card like yours which doesn't draw much power at all. You can get a Corsair 430w PSU for like 19 dollars somedays. Alas, that isn't the case today, its 25 dollars after rebate.

    Still that PSU has been the best low budget PSU out there for a while. I have installed that thing in countless systems that don't need much power.
  5. Thank you so much for your help, I have decided to buy the aerocool 430w Psu for 35nzd which is cheap for here. I hope it works but if not I could reuse it on a new pc build I was planing soon. Cheers
  6. The Aerocool is not a good PSU I will link you to the list of good to bad PSUs. Tier 1= best tier 5 = worst. The Aerocool is on tier 4. The brand you should look for are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX are just some of what you should look for.
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