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Help me understand this pricing...?

Hi folks.

Confusion here. I'm looking for a graphics card upgrade with a fairly tight budget in South Africa, so prices are quoted in Rands on the websites I'm browsing.

I found this which looks quite nice (and extremely affordable for its specs, although it's missing a 256-bit memory bus, which I'd quite like). It's priced at R800. (HD 6670, 800MHz, 1Gb, DDR5)

And then I find THIS, which is my current card, priced at R925: (HD 4650, 600MHz, 1Gb, DDR2)

My inexperienced eyes are seeing an INVERSE price-quality relationship here. Can anyone explain this? Is the store stupid or is it just me?


(On another note, it looks as though if I want that 256bit bus I'm going to be forking out twice the price for an HD 6790, like this:
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  1. I think it's because of the agp - it's the same as DDR2 and DDR3 - DDR2 is much more expensive because it is not produced anymore.
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    It's an AGP card, which is the most powerful AGP card in the world, that's why its price is inflated: people who have old PCs with pentium 4, etc, and don't want to upgrade their whole PC, that card is the best they can get.
  3. Good observations!
  4. Older hardware = Costs more

    The HD 4650 you listed, is an AGP card, and since it isn't vastly produced/manufactured anymore, they'll tend tom cost more.

    For example, my CPU (Core 2 Duo E7500) is old tech these days, and they cost more than you think. It costs around some $140 or so. For the same price, you can get an i3 2100 or an AMD Phenom II X 4 955, which are better CPUs.
  5. I am not going to repeat what everybody else said because it is the truth. But what is our spec's on your rig? plus what is your PSU brand and watts? The reason I am asking.

    Is because if you are going to upgrade to a bigger card and if you want us to help then with the info from what you give us we can tell if you can use it or not.

    When upgrading you have got to make sure that everything will allow it. Example: Lets say you have a 165w PSU and you upgrade your GPU to a better one but problem is you need a bigger PSU.

    Other wise you won't be able to run the new graphics card. But if you know all that info then disreguard what I said. I thought Amazon did international orders. I do wish you good luck on your quest.
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  7. Thanks, DM186.

    My current power supply is a Genex ATX-300, max power output 300W. What think ye? Pic below.

  8. It should work.
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