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Win2k prob....freezes...but not in win98!

Last response: in Windows 2000/NT
January 6, 2002 8:35:08 AM

Hi to all! I m very new member but i have an old (as i've seen) problem :) ....
I have to pcs.
one with
300W,PIII933,256M Ram, Geforce2GTS, ABIT m/b,sblive5.1 etc etc etc...
and one with
300W,AMD1.4athlon,512M Ram ddr,Geforce2MX400, Chaintech 7VJD2,sblive5.1 etc etc etc...
I have in both systems these OS:
Win2k adv server
with all last drivers etc etc etc...
In win98 EVERYTHING works fine in both PCs...
In win2k in PIII I have ABSOLUTELY no problem...
In win2k @ AMD1.4 I have a great problem...randomly it freezes!....what should be the problem..?what should I do?
thank you in advance!
January 6, 2002 2:58:07 PM

Does it freeze during gaming or 3d apps or on the desktop running standard apps. If it is during gaming you can try the AMD agp patch available on the AMD website.

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January 7, 2002 4:43:50 PM

the point is that the problem occurs randomly and usualy not while playing because i rarely play on win2k...:) ...that's what i have win98 for :) ...
buT!...i dont see any more replies! :( 
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January 8, 2002 4:43:35 AM

Have you installed SR2 for win2k?

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January 8, 2002 8:57:16 AM

yeap! of course! :( ...and patches from msoft and service pack 2
January 8, 2002 11:06:28 AM

Which 4n1 drivers are you using on the athlon system?

4.37 hates every single computer I've put it in (or vice versa). The Detonator 23.11 drivers aren't stable either, unless you're using the signed ones.
January 8, 2002 4:09:28 PM

so which 4in1 drivers shoul i use and which detonator? :) 
January 8, 2002 8:03:30 PM

There's a real good chance that it differs for every single computer system. I have an Asus a7v133 running a Gf2 Ultra and a SB live.

It fuhking hates 4.37, 4.36, 4.35. The last one I remember that ran *somewhat stable* was the 4.32. The 23.11 drivers are stable, as long as I use the reference ones. Winme (dual boot) crashes left and right if I turn on sidebanding and agp fastwrites with Gpu tweak. Whereas, Nt5.1 will let me flip on every single speed option and remain stable. Needless to say, my frame rate in NT is noticably faster than winme.

If I were you, I'd start with the 4.32 drivers, because you can upgrade. Load up the 23.11 reference drivers, and don't flip on any of the goodies. Work your system over (burn a cd, play unrealT/Icewind Dale/Mech4, browse the net, play some music, watch a movie, compress down a massive file) and see if it locks up. If it doesn't, you can try the next 4n1's to get a little more speed out of it, but you run the risk of lockups.