My new build and I need help.

Note I bought all my parts at frys last week on monday. I Got a 250 Gift card.

Asus P8z77-v pro (frys price 209.99)

Intel i5 3570k (frys price 229.99)

DDR3 8GB 1600Mhz (2X4 Corsair Vengeance gaming module (frys price 54.99)

Corsair CC 600T White (frys price 167.99)

Corsair AX 850W Gold (frys price 174.99)

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 rpm (frys Price 139.99)

Asus Dvdrw 24x (frys price 24.99)

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit - OEM (frys price 139.99)

EVGA GTX 670 2GB (frys Price 399.99)

Corsair H80 (frys Price 99.99)

Is this a good first build, I wasn't on a budget but I feel like I overspend. If you have any
recommendations on taking some of the parts back, please leave a comment. your answer will be appreciated,
Thank you.
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  1. If you live by a micro center the CPU is 189.99 for a i5 3570K and 50 off any Z77 MOBO

    Windows 7 home will do 30 bucks cheeper

    MoBos if you need SLI ( can be cheeper for a single 670 setup )

    PSU is OVER KILL for a single GPU a good QL 550W will do ( SLI a good QL 750W )

    a CM EVO cpu Cooler for 30 bucks will do for a 4.2 OC ( less you want the water cooler for lookss )

    WD Black 100 bucks

    Your rig is nice, but yes a bit over priced at frys M8 ( They dont price match there ? My local micro center price matched me anything at newegg and i dont have to pay shipping .

    you could save about 2 bills
  2. Frys priced matched everything on newegg and other websites. I went back up there today And they rewarded the price for the harddrive. I need windows pro and I bought the psu because it was 25.00 dollars cheaper and a $15.00 rebate. Also the psu has a 7 year warranty. Also I choose frys because I had 250 dollars in gift cards. Also I had a coupon for 5% off on purchases 500 up 10% for 1000 and up.

    No I don't have a micro center near me.
  3. Your topic said you need help?

    I don't think you need that H80. What were your thoughts there?

    Your PSU is also way overkill. You could save some money on a smaller/cheaper one there if you wanted.
  4. For the PSU, you don't need 850W. A Corsair AX750W is seriously too expensive as well, but if you want quality quality and quality, get it!
    As someone else said - 500-550W will do for 1x 670, 750W will do for 2x 670.

    Also, that case is expensive! You can get a Cooler Master HAF 912 for 55$ on FRYS. Have it myself - awesome case!

    You could probably find a cheaper motherboard too without losing any performance at all.

    Liquid cooling is overkill for most normal user systems. I'd recommend a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fan.

    If you consider taking some of the parts back, buy a SSD!

    Your build is not bad (it's AWESOME), but you could absolutely save $ on some of your parts without losing any performance.
  5. As much as I hate Frys and their dishonesty - that's a pretty sweet build. The only thing I'd do would be to switch the H80 for a Noctua D14 but that would be it.
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