Geforce 440 and WoW

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question, what graphics settings would I be able to run WoW on with a Gigabyte Geforce 440 card?

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  1. What is your processor, memory, resolution and what addons do you use?
  2. Processor - FX-4100
    Memory - 8GB Kingston HyperX
    Resolution - 1280x800

    And what do you mean by add ons?
  3. Given that WoW's sysreq's are pretty low, and given that I have a 440 with 1G of RAM/hexacore Phenom II 2.7 Ghz/16G RAM and can run the Diablo III open beta in 1920x1080 with everything turned up--if you have anything close to that you should be able to run WoW with high-to-max settings and have smooth sailing.
  4. Well, considering you don't know what's addons, means you don't have them :P It's World of Warcraft in game user interface modifications. They usually hurt performance. Anyway, I think you'll be able to max WoW out.
  5. High-Ultra settings should be possible outside of 25man Dragon Soul or Firelands.

    @Knight, Diablo3 beta is less graphically intensive than parts of WoW is. Diablo3 also uses a different graphics engine than WoW.
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