Oc'ing the i7 3770k

Hello Guys and Girls,

I am looking Cool off my i7 3770k its unstable on the stock cooler at 4.1ghz, no shocks there, new cooler is going on tonight.

Here is my Rig as it stands:
CPU: i7 3770k
CPU cooler: CoolerMaster TPC 812 (arctic sliver 5 thermal paste)
Ram: 32gb 1866mz G.skill Ares
MB: Asus Z77-v Premium (oh yes)
GPU: 1gb Gigabyte HD6950 oc'd ed.
PSU: 850W CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid
Case: Bitfenix shenobi window. (All fans in pushing out air, but the front and bottom which are intakes)
Storage: 3x raid 0 240gb Sandisk SSD's and 1x 1tb wd black HDD for storage.

I am recyling my old card and will be upgrading to a HD8XXX trifire some time after there prices calm after released, PCI 3.0 starts to come into its own and I wait 2 gen at least before upgrading gpu's normally.

Now I am looking to bump the thing up as High as possible. Any Recomendations?

This is my First attempt at a real overlcock on a Intel based system.

Can anyone recomend Deliding and replacing the thermal paste?

Would my arctic silver 5 be better than the normal paste?
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  1. I personally dislike AS5 due to the curing time and the fact that it's conductive (not as big as an issue as long as you're careful).

    Anyway, your 3770k will most likely be able to hit around 4.4-4.5Ghz without too many issues; heat would be your limiting factor. Even with massive coolers such as the NH-D14, people seem to be limited to around 4.6-4.7Ghz with 3770k's due to what Intel changed on the CPU's.

    My personal favorite TIM's are MX-2, NT-H1 and Antec Formula 7 (no mess..I love it) :lol:
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