A Clean Looking Case.

ok so i have a Corsair Obsidian 550D case. I have an h100 mounted with 1 set of SilverStone AP121 fans. and i want to mount a 2nd set but there seems to be no space. So i was considering buying the 650d, but i do not want that USB being ghetto routed to the back of my motherboard, nor do i want another long cable inside my case. so is there any cases that are clean looking like the Corsair Obsidian 650d, 700d, Bitfenix Shinobi, thats a midsize? at about the same price point as the 650d, 150-160 dollars. I want

1. Clean look, plain rectangle and black, no fancy design.
2. Internal USB3, no ghetto routing
3. enough space for push pull h100
4. Window, or space on the side for a 200mm fan(bitfenix spectre pro white LED
5. Mid Size Form factor. I do not want a full size or a case too small.
i guess thats pretty much it.

ALSO i would like a suggestion on a power supply?
i have an antec 620w modular PSU High current gamer.
i want a fully modular PSU capable of powering an intel i7 2600k OC on a msi z77aGD65 motherboard a SSD, and a HDD, and a gtx560ti Hawk from MSI, (soon to be upgrading to the GTX670 Reference Cooler from MSI)

Fully modular and 80+ bronze or higher (perferabbly gold) price point around 150 again.

Thanx :)
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  1. 'ghetto routing' I like that :D

    Have a look at Fractal Design R4:
    There is a review tab, read some, there are plenty of photos. There is also version with a window, I linked one without.

    Unfortunately a H100 would be a tight fit. Have a look here:
    Generally H100 in midtower will always be tight.

    Another interesting option would be Cooler Master Silencio series. No window though.
    Check out 550 and 650 models.

    As for the PSU you need about 600W. I recommend:
    Probably one of the best power supplies, SeaSonic X 650W (5yrs warranty)
    Worth mentioning:
    XFX core 650W XXX (5yrs warranty):
    Corsair HX 650W (7yrs warranty):
  2. For a case i am not aware of one that meets all your wants for power supply Seasonic X750
    80Plus Gold, 62A 12V power, 5 year warranty, fully modular
  3. +1 for the Fractal
  4. Fractal R4 gets my vote, externally, no fancy no gimmicks, quiet, good at keeping out dust and plenty of space to work within.
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