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June 17, 2012 4:53:33 AM

Hey Guys,

Im not entirely sure under which category i should put this under, so i hope i have put it in the right one..

Ok so the situation is, my LGA1366 RIIIF mobo has died due to shorting out from my old PSU after a storm.. yay!.. even with a surge board.. So i am looking at getting a some options of what to do. I have thought up of two which are below.

First Option:

MOBO - Asus Rampage III Formula - $433

PSU - Corsair HX-850 ATX Power Supply w 140mm Modular Cables - $215

CPU Cooler - Corsair H100 - $150

**THis is just an added perk, i have had my HAF X for 2 years now now and just thought it may be a good time to upgrade**

**CASE - Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Case - $280**

TOTAL: $1078

Second Option

MOBO - Asus RAMPAGE IV FORMULA/BF3 MB, Socket 2011, X79 - $370

PSU - Corsair HX-1050 1050W ATX Modular Power Supply - $255
** Another Choice i was thinking for a PSU could be the CoolerMaster 1000W Silent Pro Gold Modular, its price is $220** Link Below

CPU - Intel Core i7 3930K Processor LGA2011 3.2GHz 12M Cache 6 Cores - $595

CPU Cooler - Corsair H100 - $150

**THis is just an added perk, i have had my HAF X for 2 years now now and just thought it may be a good time to upgrade**

**CASE - Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Case - $280**

TOTOAL: $1650
**However if i choose to go the CoolMaster 1000W PSU the total would be $1615

The added extra of the tower is not necessary however i thought since i would be having to get a new mobo i would get a new tower now instead of having to pull everything out later to then transfer it into a new one. It is a bit expensive, the other tower i was think was the HAF X at $190 bucks so saving around about $100.

If i do decide to go with the old LGA1366 socket i would probably just use my my old TT Frio that i still have.

Now the components i will be bring to both options, which eve one i choose is:

2 x EVGA GTX 570 HD SC Editions
Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium PCIe Fatal1ty Pro
Samsung Bluray drive
Corsair Vengeance CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9 12G (3x4GB) DDR3

With the 2011 Socket setup i would have to look at buying 1 more stick of of that same memory which is $35 bucks..

I suppose option 3 would be to just buy the RIIIF & the Corsair HX850 and thats it as i still have my TT FRIO and buy the Corsair H100 later.
That would be the cheaper option $648, but i thought seeing that i had to get a new mobo and Psu may as well look at other options as well.

So let me know your thoughts guys and any other options you may have.

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June 17, 2012 2:15:32 PM

I am typing on an x58 MB system right now. If the MB died I'd wouldn't put another "MOBO - Asus Rampage III Formula - $433 " into the x58 system. For me, time to move on if MB fails, an i5 sandy/ivy bridge can toast me.

Double check you want 1000W. The 2x 570 have max TDP around 440w no OC. Processor another 130w. That pretty healthy OC'ing to get where you can warm up a 1000w PSU. I'm guessing power load during gaming is less than 600w so 800w psu ?. Easy to measure, but not now that your system is toast.

"i would have to look at buying 1 more stick of of that same memory which is $35 bucks.." It's cheap, but you will not see a performance benefit from quad channel memory or the extra 4GB. Might be aesthetically pleasing though.
June 17, 2012 9:54:16 PM

Thats for the reply tsnor. I didn't really want to put anther x58 mobo in, its just so expansive compared to the RIVF which is 370 bucks.. its crazy!. I only considered it because i was hoping to get another cpu cycle so i could build my new build next year with the IB-e processors, and that is would only be $700 instead of $1600.

I did look at the 1155 socket, but i would prefer the 2011 socket if possible. As mentioned in my first post that is is the build i would prefer, however i have heard conflicting information to whether the SB-e CPU's can use PCIe Rev 3.0, or even utilise it. Otherwise i see it a waste of money to spend that much money on the build if it won't. Not that i would be using it straight away, or notice a difference, it would just give me greater upgrade prospects if you know what i mean. WIth regards to the 1155 it is about the same price as the 2011, i think the 1155 is only like $200 cheaper for the build i was looking at. So i thought just may as well go 2011 if i am upgrading now.

With the 1000W poster supply i incorporated that for future upgrades such as SLi 680's or Sli 670's and was unsure about there power consumption, and for OCing room. When i took it in to see what a computer shop could do about it, they said i still had plenty of room so I'm assuming maybe at least 150w or 100w was left. And that may be an over assumption as well i could i have more.

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June 17, 2012 11:49:27 PM

"2011 socket" or "1155 socket" I'd go with either over the x58 MB. Both are good choices.

x58 MB can be found on special very cheap sometimes. I saw a new x58 Sabertooth for less than $100 a few weeks ago on ubid auction. It's still $200US on

"SB-e CPU's .. PCIe Rev 3.0"

PCIe is upward and downward compatible so a PCIe gen 3 card runs in a PCIe gen 2 MB and visa versa. (example, Radeon 7970 is PCIe 3.0, runs in all x16 PCIe slots.)

My understanding is that you DO NEED an Ivy Bridge CPU to get PCIe Gen 3 natively because the controller is in the CPU not the chip set. (But I'm a software guy, so take that with a grain of salt).
June 18, 2012 1:31:41 AM

Yeah that is my understanding to after reading a lot of forums and some articles.. But i heard nvidia is the only company at the moment that does allow its graphics cards to go PCIe 3.0 because of something to do with the x79 board.. but there is a reg. hack for it..

Well now that i have just got some bills in the mail :(  my budget is $800 so i think i will have to go with option 3 :( .. and seeing that i live in Australia and no new egg :'(  i get less for the money i have lol.. But thank you for your opinion if i didn't get these bills i would have had a budget of $1500.. and would have probably gone the x79.. :( 

Anyways ill just have to upgrade next year.. :(  Thanks so much tsnor, was glad someone replied and gave me there opinion.. cause i was so confused what to do lol.

Just one last question though, if i got an 850W PSU that would that be enough to power my whole rig plus the addition of a H100 CPu cooler in push pull config?? I think it should be but i just want to double check..? I just way to push my CPU and 3.8GHz that all and i have an i7 950.. and i still want some room to oc my GPUs